Gardening tips, ideas and inspiration
The Royal Horticultural Society

In their own words “Sharing the best in Gardening”

Introduction to Gardening for Health and Wellbeing

This guide from ‘Mud’ covers the physical and mental health benefits of gardening for all ages, as well as practical gardening tips and advice.

My Gardena Garden Planner

A fun and free website which allows you to edit and save your own 2d garden design. Particularly useful if you’re thinking about layout and maximising space.

The Herb Lady

Catherine the herb lady offers some wonderful inspiration for gardeners everywhere.

Get Fit in the Garden

A fun article which explores the fitness benefits of gardening! Includes a list of calories burnt during specific gardening tasks.

Choosing your materials, finding inspiration
Simply Paving

The Simply Paving website has extensive photo galleries of patios and paths which may help you to choose the style that would best suit your garden.


The Marshalls website has comprehensive galleries of all their stone and aggregate products. You might like to look at Marshalls’ 3D Garden Visualiser, which allows you to build a 3D model of a garden, audition different materials and include your own real life photos.


The Bradstone website has comprehensive galleries of all their stone and aggregate products.

Design Inspiration

This site is filled with ideas and inspiration for landscaping, from broad principles to specific materials. It is an American site, which is reflected in the terms and styles, but nonetheless well worth a look.

Country Living

A wealth of articles, advice and inspiration. Click the ‘Gardening’ tab to get straight to it.

How landscaping can enhance the value of your home
The Telegraph

‘How garden improvements can boost the value of your property’

Huffington Post

‘Can a Professionally Designed Garden Add Value to Your Home?’

The House Shop

‘3 Important Landscaping Features that Increase the Value of Your Home’

Sustainability and organic gardening
The Bre Innovation Park Network

One of the most exciting global initiatives for practical approaches to sustainability.

Accreditation and partnership
The Government’s TrustMark Scheme

You can trust Urban Earth!