The Key Benefits Of Having A Planting Plan

1st March 2022
by Urban Earth


When undertaking a landscaping project, of whatever scale a planting plan can make all of the difference to the end result and for years to come. You may find that after all the hard landscaping on your project is complete, the garden will transform the fastest with just one day of planting.

Keen Gardeners

Some keen gardeners, often know what they would like to plant and have an idea of where plants may thrive best based on the aspect within their gardens. However not all of us have this knowledge, that’s when our clients can benefit from having a planting plan that has been designed by a professional Garden Designer. The key benefits of having a well-designed and considered planting plan and schedule are:

Personal and individual to each project and client having been specifically tailored to your needs and aspirations, considering your preferred style of planting eg., you may prefer low maintenance; or plants with strong colour and scents that will change throughout the seasons, or perhaps themes such as Mediterranean; Oriental or exotic. We can also include your favourite herbs that you will keep coming back to time and time again to cook with.

Selecting Plants that will thrive is paramount and importantly our Designers’ skills and knowledge will consider the environmental factors associated with your garden’s location e.g. existing site conditions, including: soil, drainage, tree root systems and aspect (sunny or shady areas within the garden); and can advise you on site constraints and the potential solutions, selecting the right plants for the right places will make all the difference.

Combination Planting to encourage cross pollination, or natural pest control.  This also adds diversity in the garden, which itself may cut back on pest problems.

Visualising your theme with 2D and 3D images Having listened and understood your brief and discussed the environmental implications associated with your project our designers will work with you to develop your planting plan, utilising mood boards as these are a great tool to help you visualise and select the right plants for you.   Showing an image of each plant together can give you a quick sense of the scheme and colours/textures involved and how they play off one another.  The planting sketch proposals can also be incorporated into high-quality 3D concept views. The 3D concept views can help you to visualise how the proposed garden plan will look populated with plants, (plants in 3D images are not exact,  but can give a vague sense of the scheme) help you to visualise the height variations within a multi-layered planting scheme, from groundcover to shrubs and trees.

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